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Pen blanks

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Mike Cruz
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Pen blanks

Postby Mike Cruz » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:38 am

Of course, as you'd imagine, me being me (not being able to throw away pretty wood), I've accumulated a lot of pen blanks again. So, if anyone is interested in cherry burl, very curly maple, etc...let me know $1 per blank (most are about 5", some are 3"+ for one piece pens).

I've also got bottle stopper blanks, $1 each.

And I've cut up book matched knife scales, too. Some in cherry burl, and some in that spankin' box elder I got a hold of. $5 for the BE and $10 for the cherry burl. These are (generally) 3/4"+/- x 1 1/2-2" x 6"+/- (per piece...not per pair).

Everything is bandsaw cut. I cut what I can get out of my scraps after cutting bowl blanks round on the bandsaw.

I prefer to sell these in larger amounts (medium to large flat rate box sizes). Orders of 10-20 pen blanks just take up too much time to be worth it for me...sorry.
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