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Cheap Sharpening System

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Josh Bowman
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Cheap Sharpening System

Postby Josh Bowman » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:09 pm

Over the past weeks, John K. Jordan and myself have finalized a pretty good set of instructions to build a sharpening system cheap. It doesn't have an adjustable platform, but has plenty of adjustment in the gouge and skew jigs. I kept the platform fixed since most new turners only use the platform to sharpen scrapers and bits. But later one might be added to it. My goal was to focus on new turners and keep the choices limited so they will spend more time learning to use their tools instead of experimenting with different grinds. But that was just my opinion.
Anyway you can get a copy of the file at www.tristatewoodturners.com, look in the top right there is a link or go to the Articles page to download the PDF Cheap Sharpening System.
Feel free to use and distribute it.

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