What is Woodturners Unlimited? The short answer is that we are a group of people from across the country and around the world that share a passion for woodturning. The longer answer is that we trace our roots to the Woodturners America webmagazine that was started in 2010 by a group of 3 wood artists who had a vision for a web based community, focused on the woodturner. It was to feature a forum as well as articles that would foster education about the craft as well as feature the human side of woodturners as people with profiles of emerging artists as well as thought provoking discussions that may be only peripherally related to putting gouge to wood.

When news came that Woodturners America would shut down permanently in January 2013, a number of us found that very hard to accept. We truly believed in the vision that started Woodturners America and were not willing to just let it fade away. With a flurry of online activity, we decided to create a new site with the same model. This was to be a community driven project that started with brainstorming and a vote for a name - Woodturners Unlimited. Fortunately, there were several in this collection of characters that had the computer skills to get us up and running on the technical side. The next step is to make the site vibrant and fresh and hopefully, the premier woodturning destination on the web. That is where we all come in.

This is not a site owned and operated by two or three people. This is a site that will be successful because of the enthusiasm and dedication of the woodturning community at large. It is up to all of us to post pictures of our work on the forums, give advice to the newer turners that come our way, generate articles and photo tutorials for the magazine side, freely give suggestions for improvement to those of us actively working on the site, and spread the word among your friends that this is the online place to learn, share, give and get advice, and enjoy the fellowship of some of the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet.

So the longer answer comes down to this, Woodturners Unlimited is all of us in the wood turning community and we are all Woodturners Unlimited, to whatever degree we want to be.




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