The Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree

By Bob Rotche



As a regular on several of the woodturning forums, I’ve followed this story with interest for the past few years. I’ve also run across a number of the items turned from this historic tree in several regional galleries. I’ve spoken to Roger Chandler a couple times about the project and knowing my interest, he was kind enough to forward the article to me and we obtained permission from the author to reprint it for our readers.

Given Roger’s intimate involvement with the project, I asked him for a little more background and perhaps some additional pictures to better complete the story. “For me personally........coordination of this project was taxing at times, frustrating at times, but overall, it was rewarding, as a piece of history has been preserved and many people have a piece of that history to hold in their hands, display in their homes, or in a museum.............there is no way this could have been done without the help, labor and involvement of many woodturners from both Woodturners of the Virginias and Central Virginia Woodturners!   All who worked so hard deserve much appreciation for their labor and time in the project..........without them, it just would not have happened!   Special thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Donna Miller and her family for allowing the preservation of this tree........she was very helpful and fully supportive from the first time we met with her and shared some goals we had for this historic tree.”

Given the size of the tree, harvesting the lumber was clearly a huge job.


“There is no way to accurately assess the amount of man hours which have gone into this project as a whole........hours are still being expended on what is left of the wood, but know for sure, this project for a bunch of retired and nearly retired guys was a monumental undertaking!”


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