In addition to preserving a bit of history, funds were raised for a number of worthy causes including around $3000 for the Wounded Warrior Project as well as for preservation of civil war battlefields.

“Pieces donated were auctioned off to support the preservation efforts or were made available to significant donors to those preservation efforts in appreciation for their support.  A number of items made from this wood went to museums, etc for historical preservation.”

Of course, one of the first pieces was presented to Donna Miller, the original owner of the tree.


The condition of the wood made the turning more challenging than was expected. “This SJPT wood is the most difficult wood I have ever worked with.   It's condition and age made it have many issues, as it was a diseased tree........punky areas [oak rot]  it would crack if you smiled at it!!!"   A former club president who has turned a good bit of this wood says "it is the most difficult wood known to woodturners!   Anything refined from this wood is almost impossible.........rustic designs are the order of the day for this wood!”

Despite these challenges, Roger and his fellow club members were able to produce quite a few pieces and preserve an important piece of American history. I’m sure it was a very rewarding experience and a great demonstration of what we can achieve with a little hard work and a lot of cooperation. Here are just a few examples of things that Roger has made from the wood of the Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree.


Many thanks to Roger Chandler for his work coordinating this effort and his willingness to share the story with us here at Woodturners Unlimited.


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