I first became aware of Curt Fuller when we both spent time on the Sawmill Creek and Woodturner’s Resource forums.  Curt and I were frequent participants on those sites and even exchanged boxes during a turning swap several years ago.  Over the years I have watched and enjoyed Curt’s growth as a turner and artist and it is my pleasure to have the honor of interviewing and profiling Curt Fuller.  Curt did most of the writing and about all I had to do was present it to the Woodturners Unlimited moderators for publishing.

When I contacted Curt and asked about the possibility of doing a Behind the Art article Curt’s response was, Unlike some of the turners that have been featured with interesting lives and wonderful shops I just drive a cement truck every day and work out of a very small corner of my garage. And that's about it for me. But if you guys persist and insist I'll gladly answer your questions. But I give you fair warning, don't expect much. My life is pretty dull.”

We’ll get back to Curt’s assessment of his life and wood turning later on. 

Curt said he was born in a one room cabin.  I fully expected him to next tell me that he made his living splitting rails but fortunately his propensity for tall tales ended with the cabin reference. Curt was born in Ogden, Utah in a hospital on a fall day in 1952.  He stresses that his birthday is on September 29 if any of the readers want to send him a birthday present.  (He will be happy to provide an address.)

He was a cute baby wouldn’t you say? 

Curt’s early childhood was spent in a section of Ogden called Sullivan’s Hollow.  It was a great place for Curt as a kid as it had a stream and patches of woods that provided opportunities for his childhood adventures.  Unfortunately that same stream was the source of some wild flash floods that eventually forced his family to move to higher ground.

At the age of 14 Curt’s family moved to North Ogden which is a completely separate town from Ogden (not just the northern part of Ogden).  Curt continues to live there today.

North Ogden is situated at the base of Ben Lomond peak.  A town of about 15000, North Ogden is primarily a farming community with many cherry orchards. The community still celebrates Cherry Days on July 4th although few of the orchards survive.


North Ogden is situated in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains and is a great place to live.  Curt spent a lot of time in his youth hiking, hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles in the beautiful countryside and mountains that were just minutes away from his back door.  Participation in those activities instilled his love of the outdoors which continues to this day.

Curt showed an early interest in wood and in particular enjoyed many hours with his Tinkertoys from which he continues to gain inspiration for his insect boxes and decorative pieces.


Here Curt is on his dad’s horse with it ready for one of his dad’s deer hunting trips.


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