The Woodturners Unlimited Critique Team has completed their first critique!!  Several days ago, we announced the development of a system by which work may be submitted for an honest and constructive critique.  That article outlined the ideas behind the program and promised to publish the upcoming critiques. 

The goal of the Critique Team is to provide guidance to not only the participants that submit work for critique, but also to provide a learning experience for all our viewers.  This is a unique approach and something that to the best of our knowledge is not offered anywhere else on the web. This is just one example of how listening to our members takes us closer to our ultimate goal of becoming everyone’s premier woodturning destination!  We are glad you have decided to join us as we begin this new adventure.


The initial critique board consists of Terry Scott, Keith Burns, and John Keeton.  Most of the present members of WTU are familiar with these folks.  We expect the composition of the board to rotate over time so that we avoid a stagnant approach and give our evaluators a break.  New and fresh viewpoints are always a good thing!

During the formulation of their critiques, each evaluator acted independently and without consulting the other evaluators.  Each completed a separate Evaluation Form based on their personal experience, style of turning and perception of the work presented.  The evaluations are in narrative form.         

In most instances, the opinions of the three evaluators will differ, and in some cases, perhaps even seem to be in conflict.  As one might realize, that is exactly what happens when the public views your work!  Some may love it - some may hate it.  In this case, however, the result should be taken collectively in an effort to offer genuine guidance on how you might improve your work.

A good critique should “enlighten and inspire” and that is the team goal in this effort.  Simply stated, the evaluators want you to succeed!  In providing an honest and constructive critique, the evaluators may point out features of the work they find in need of improvement, but do so in a manner that will provide guidance for you to avoid repeating less desirable features.

Four members of WTU have agreed to participate in the initial evaluations.  We want you to feel comfortable with the process and the only way that will happen is for someone to jump first! we go!!  It is only fitting that one of our Advisory Board Members be first, so the first "martyr" is Bob Rotche.

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Monday the 19th. Thanks for visiting Woodturners Unlimited.