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***  WTU 2014 Winter Challenge ***

As something new to WTU we're going to begin a club challenge. Every quarter (winter, spring, summer, fall) we will present a new challenge. It will be open to all registered members. No sign up is necessary. Just simply read the rules of the challenge and get to work making something. Pretty easy! At the end of each challenge we'll post pictures of our completed projects and at that time the critique teams will also have the opportunity to pick a few of the submissions and offer their critique. No judging, no swaps, just something to challenge us all to get off the couch and fire up our lathes.

For the first of hopefully many WTU club challenges I've chosen a project that combines a little face work and a little spindle work, requires no special tools, can be done on any lathe from your granddads old Craftsman to your new American Beauty, and can be as simple or elaborate as you chose.........

 Rice Bowls with Chopsticks!

Rules? I hate rules but there has to be a couple. 1st, you must make two bowls (no one likes to eat rice alone). Second, you have to make at least two pairs of chopsticks. Feel free to make more if you like, but two bowls and two sets of chopsticks will satisfy the challenge. That's it for the rules.

Wood...... choose any variety of wood, solid, segmented, laminated, your choice. The bowls and chopsticks don't even have to be the same or even similar, but it would be nice if they looked good as a set.

Size..... any size that you think is appropriate for a single serving of rice. Some of you might really be crazy about rice and want a larger bowl, others might like smaller bowls. Chopsticks are usually 8-9" long, but we won't be picky. Make them the way you like them.

Shape..... that's up to you, anything that you could eat rice from. But the object is to research rice bowls and then stretch your imagination a little. I'm looking forward to seeing all the variations of rice bowls that will be turned.

Embellishments.....use anything in your creative arsenal to enhance your bowls, burning, dying, paint, carving, anything you want to do. Or just let the wood speak for itself and leave them plain. It's up to you. Any finish you like is fine too. Same goes for the Chopsticks. They can range from simple to ornate, but must be turned. The challenge being learning some new ways to turn a small spindle.

When you get done, and this challenge will end with the Vernal Equinox (that's March 20th, 2014) take some pictures, three would be nice, more would be fine too, and write a short description including size of bowls and chopsticks, wood type, tools used, finish used, and any new techniques you might have learned through the process. Then just post it in the new Winter 2013/2014 section of the Challenges forum. Don't worry about posting early. If you're done, post anytime between now and March 20, 2014.

Pretty easy, eh!

(NOTE: so that everyone can view all the entries at one convenient location, a new link has been created on the Front Page. It is located in the footer, bottom left of the Front Page and is called WTU Challenges. When you click on that, it will take you to the main page explaining that particular challenge and contain photo pages for the event. Click on any photo to be taken to it's thread.)

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